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So you think vaccines are safe? Read some of these


Causal relationship between vaccine induced immunity and autism


Subtle DNA changes and the overuse of vaccines in autism


Vaccine and Autism- a New Scientific Review


Summary of previous Journal of Immunology


Autism and Resulting Medical Conditions: .


Mercury toxic encephalopathy manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.


Relation of mercury to high autism rates in boys


Elevated levels of measles in children with Autism


Abnormal MMR antibodies in children with autism


Tylenol, MMR and Autism - A parent survey study


A Positive Association found between Autism Prevalence and Childhood Vaccination


Peer reviewed study on fetal cell contamination with retro virus associated with autism and cancer


Study documentation- Dr Deisher


Autism and mercury poisoning


Hypothesis: conjugate vaccines may predispose children to autism spectrum disorders


Rise in autism coincides with rise in vaccines


A two-phase study evaluating the relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccine administration and the risk for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in the United States

Elevated levels of measles antibodies in children with autism. - PubMed - NCBI

Pediatr Neurol. 2003 Apr;28(4):292-4. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't 


A study published in the Journal of Biomedical Sciences determined that the autoimmunity to the central nervous system may play a causal role in autism. Researchers discovered that because many autistic children harbour elevated levels of measles antibodies, they should conduct a serological study of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and myelin basic protein (MBP) autoantibodies. They used serum samples of 125 autistic children and 92 controlled children. Their analysis showed a significant increase in the level of MMR antibodies in autistic children. The study concludes that the autistic children had an inappropriate or abnormal antibody response to MMR. The study determined that autism could be a result from an atypical measles infection that produces neurological symptoms in some children. The source of this virus could be a variant of MV, or it could be the MMR vaccine.


Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren't safe or effective.


1. Dr. Nancy Banks -

2. Dr. Russell Blaylock -

3. Dr. Shiv Chopra -

4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny -

5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries -

6. Dr. Larry Palevsky -

7. Dr. Toni Bark -

8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield -

9. Dr. Meryl Nass -

10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin -

11. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot -

12. Dr. Robert Rowen -

13. Dr. David Ayoub -

14. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD -

15. Dr. Rashid Buttar -

16. Dr. Roby Mitchell -

17. Dr. Ken Stoller -

18. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein -

19. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD -

20. Dr. David Davis -

21. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych -

22. Dr. Harold E Buttram -

23. Dr. Kelly Brogan -

24. Dr. RC Tent -

25. Dr. Rebecca Carley -

26. Dr. Andrew Moulden -

27. Dr. Jack Wolfson -

28. Dr. Michael Elice -

29. Dr. Terry Wahls -

30. Dr. Stephanie Seneff -

31. Dr. Paul Thomas -

32. Many doctors talking at once -

33. Dr. Richard Moskowitz - censored

34. Dr. Jane Orient -

35. Dr. Richard Deth -

36. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic -

37. Dr Chris Shaw -

38. Dr. Susan McCreadie -

39. Dr. Mary Ann Block -

40. Dr. David Brownstein -

41. Dr. Jayne Donegan -

42. Dr. Troy Ross - censored 

43. Dr. Philip Incao -

44. Dr. Joseph Mercola -

45. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet -

46. Dr. Robert Mendelson -

47. Dr Theresa Deisher

48. Dr. Sam Eggertsen-


Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren't safe or effective, in these documentaries....


1. Vaccination - The Silent Epidemic -

2. The Greater Good -

3. Shots In The Dark -

4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth -

5. Vaccine Nation -

6. Vaccination - The Truth About Vaccines -

7. Lethal Injection -

8. Bought -

9. Deadly Immunity -

10. Autism - Made in the USA -

11. Beyond Treason -

12. Trace Amounts -

13. Why We Don't Vaccinate -


Resource from the passionate, conscious Chris Kirckof



Whites in vaccines


Just Some Ingredients In Vaccines!!!


CDC Links At The Bottom Of List:

🤦‍♀️Alcohol (disinfectant)

2-phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)

🤨aluminum (neurotoxin)

fetal bovine serum (aborted cow blood)

thimerosal (Mercury, toxic to humans+disinfectant)

🧐formaldehyde (carcinogen, embalming agent)

pork gelatin (ground up animal carcass)

🤨human albumin (human blood)

VERO cells (monkey kidney cells)

monosodium L-glutamate (causes obesity & diabetes)

MRC-5 cells (aborted human babies)

🧐neomycin (antibiotic)

🤨polymyxin B (antibiotic)

polysorbate 80 (carcinogen)

potassium chloride (used in a lethal injection)

potassium phosphate (liquid fertilizer agent)

sodium borate (Borax, used for cockroach control)

🧐sodium hydroxide (Danger! Corrosive)

sodium phosphate (toxic to any organism)

sorbitol (Not to be injected)

🤨streptomycin (antibiotic)

🧐yeast protein (fungus)

urea (metabolic waste from human urine)


 Have a look for yourself! ~ Susan Romo Hooper


 Side effects of vaccines 


Bill Gates


Coming to a town near you soon! 


U.K. apparently going to be the First Nation to be vaccinated with new Covid19 vaccine! Boris in talks with Mr & Mrs Gates this week. If you don’t like what you read then don’t worry, the government will ensure you don’t have to make a choice. 




By Lawrence Sosna


There was a time Bill Gates vaccinated millions of women claiming it safe (HPV Vaccine) and sterilized them without their knowledge!

Let’s take a deep dive into Bill Gates’ megalomaniacal vaccination program that he has planned for everyone, now that the people who stand to get very rich from a COVID-19 vaccine are telling us that they want to force everyone to get the shot.


The nation of India, which struggles with sanitation and disease outbreaks, finally kicked Bill Gates out of the country in 2017. Why did that happen?

Back in 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offered a ton of money to India, in exchange for having its own handpicked “experts” put in charge of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI).


Bill Gates’ experts recommended that children in India be given FIFTY polio shots before age 5. The result between 2000 and 2017 was that 490,000 children in India were crippled with non-polio acute flaccid paralysis. It may not sound so bad to some , but non-polio acute flaccid paralysis is actually a horrible disease that leaves children paralyzed!!!


In another example in India, Gates funded an HPV vaccine that was administered to 23,000 girls in rural parts of the country (away from prying eyes, journalists and ethicists). According to a case that is now before the India Supreme Court, the Gates “doctors” bullied girls and their families into taking the shots, forged consent forms and then refused medical care to girls who were harmed by the vaccine. 5% of the girls immediately developed autoimmune and/or fertility disorders, and seven of the girls died after taking the shot.

Former CIA and Pentagon Advisor: “Millions of Americans are in DANGER!” 

***We know a similar vaccine was given to our granddaughter this yr and two wks later she experienced her first seizure. Since has been diagnosed “New Onset Epilepsy” 


You’ve probably heard about the Ted Talk that Bill Gates gave in 2010, in which he declared that vaccines “could reduce population.” He gave the World Health Organization $10 billion around the same time that he made that declaration. Four years later, the nation of Kenya found out what those chilling words meant.


The WHO went into Kenya in 2014 and declared that every woman needed a tetanus shot due to a public health emergency. Not the men. It was only the women who were in danger of, you know… stepping on a rusty nail and developing tetanus. The goal was to get as many women as possible injected with the new “Bill Gates tetanus vaccine”. When people were skeptical about this, the Kenyan government stepped in by helping the WHO administer forced vaccinations.

When millions of women who were forced to take the shot later realized that they could no longer get pregnant, the Catholic Doctors Association sent the Bill Gates tetanus vaccine out to independent labs for testing. Every single sample that was looked at by separate laboratories found a sterility formula in the tetanus shots. 


The WHO denied it initially, but finally admitted that it had been working on a sterility vaccine since 2004. This isn’t some Alex Jones conspiracy rant. These are facts that you can look up for yourself, which the garbage media in America conveniently declines to report on.


In 2002, the Gates Foundation funded an experimental meningitis vaccine in Africa, administered to 500 children. 10% of the kids were paralyzed by the vaccine.

Gates funded an experimental malaria vaccine trial in Africa in 2010, which was administered to about 6,000 babies. The result: 151 dead from the vaccine, and 20% of them suffered paralysis, seizures or febrile convulsions.


That’s an awesome track record from a guy who wants to rush an untested coronavirus vaccine into the marketplace while forcing everyone to get the shot. He wants to jab everyone (except himself & his own children) with a needle.



Not a pleasant story to read! I do hope that we in the UK aren’t the next chapter in the Gates horror story 

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Preview YouTube video Dr Theresa Deisher - Worldwide Autism Epidemic & Human Fetal Manufactured Contaminated Vaccines


Dr Theresa Deisher - Worldwide Autism Epidemic & Human Fetal Manufactured Contaminated Vaccines

Preview YouTube video Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children?


Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children?

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