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I was "On The Bus" in 1964 and was part of "The Merry Pranksters" who was responsible for the "Hippie" movement.  I can definitely let you in on some very unbelievable stories.
Throughout this time in 'Frisco, I became very aware of natural healing.
It all began in 1964 when I boarded Ken Kesey's bus to go across country to see Timothy O'Leary.
We were known as the Merry Pranksters and have been involved with the Marijuana industry ever since.
When I learned about CBD oil, I thought to myself, we had been making that stuff for years to cure all types of ailments and was pleased to learn that the mass population was learning about it and using it.
A couple of years ago I was introduced to Kangen Water and quickly realized that the water will take the CBD and any herb directly to your cells.  
Throughout my life I suffered from several "ruptured" discs and once I began drinking the water and actually hydrating my body, my back and discs became healed.  
Now I spend most of my time on the beach and telling folks about the water and helping them heal their bodies as well...It's a great feeling helping others.
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