Keith Richards
Willie Nelson
Tony Bennett

All of these personalities are over the age of 70 years old, their commonality is that they all drink Ionized Water.

Betty White


Mr. Hironari Oshiro, President & CEO Enagic USA, Inc.  Learned that the people of the Himolayaa lived longer than most people in other parts of the world.  Some live to be 130 years old and living to be 100 or more years is really not a surprise.
Mr. Oshiro was an engineer for Sony when he traveled to the mountains to find out what these people had in common.  He found that it was the water and that the rocks were splitting the water molecules and these people were drinking hydrogenated water, thus he created a machine that mimics this water.
Do you know your body is rusty?  Oxidation causes rust on metal and oxidation in your body causes your organs to age faster including your skin.  Literally everything you drink causes oxidation, bottled water, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, everything!
Once you begin drinking Kangen Water you will eliminate the oxidation and add anti-oxidants to your body.  In fact one glass of Kangen is like eating 5 helpings of blue berries You cannot eat enough blue berries or other fruit to get the anti oxidants that one glass of Kangen Water gives you.
People with arthritis, head aches, acid reflux, MS, seizures, exemma, and so many more negative conditions of the body, all enjoy the healing properties of this hydrogen water.  
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