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The Kangen Business Opportunity

I have been in hundreds of sales companies throughout my life and this oppy is by far the ultimate.
You simply buy a machine and you have a distributor number.  It's up to you whether or not you want to sell machines or not.  Kangen set it up this way because when someone gets a water machine they always tell a friend or two and once their friends try the water, they may want a machine too so this way you can begin your adventure to making a lot of money if you want.
A New Profit Center For Your Store
This business model is very conducive for CBD stores, Herb Shops, and Restaurants.  The hydrogenated water enhances the herbs or CBD to the point where people feel immediate results.  The stores give gallons of water out and the national average of machine sales for a retail store is 10 machines per month.
People see results by drinking the water and want a machine of their own.
This is Bill Mitchel. He's the guy who got me my water machine. Now Bill has never been involved with a company like this and had a successful Dolphin Cruise Co. here on the beach for 20 years.  He sold the company and retired.  He travels the islands 80% of his time and during one of his visits he suffered from acid reflux.  A lady head his plight and offered him a glass of water, which took care of his acid reflux in a matter of minutes and that's why he bought a machine.  Now Bill simply hands out free water to his friends when he's in town and last year earned over 100K.  This year he just bought a new $150,000 Mercedes with his "water" money.  What this all means is that if Bill can do this almost anyone can do this and probably a lot more.
Following Video Explains The Marketing Plan
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