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What does Trump and Sanders have in Common?

By: Rocky Callahan

Staff Writer

Donald Trump has often been noted for his seemingly boundless energy, a trait that has been a significant part of his public persona. Whether it's his dynamic presence at rallies, his relentless schedule during campaign seasons, or his active social media engagement, Trump's vigor is undeniable. A fascinating aspect of his routine, as some sources claim, is his consumption of Kangen Water. This special type of water is said to be alkaline and ionized, potentially offering various health benefits.

Kangen Water is produced by Enagic's water filtration and ionization machines, which purportedly create water with a higher pH level. Advocates of Kangen Water assert that it helps in neutralizing the body's acidity, providing better hydration, and boosting overall health. Trump is reported to own seven Kangen Water machines, a testament to his belief in its benefits. This investment in such technology might be one of the keys to his sustained energy levels. Proponents of Kangen Water suggest that it enhances metabolic function, improves digestion, and increases overall vitality, potentially explaining Trump's vigorous lifestyle.

Interestingly, Trump is not the only prominent political figure associated with Kangen Water. Senator Bernie Sanders, another politician known for his tireless campaigning and robust energy, is also rumored to consume Kangen Water. Sanders, who has been active in politics for decades and continues to maintain a grueling schedule, might also benefit from the reputed advantages of this special water. His advocacy for health and wellness is well-documented, and the inclusion of Kangen Water in his routine could be a part of his strategy to maintain his stamina and health.

In stark contrast, President Joe Biden has often been the subject of scrutiny regarding his energy levels and overall vigor. Critics have frequently pointed to his seemingly lower energy during speeches and public appearances. Unlike Trump and Sanders, Biden is not associated with the consumption of Kangen Water. While it's important to note that energy levels can be influenced by a myriad of factors including age, diet, and overall health, the contrast in perceptions of vitality among these three leaders has sparked curiosity.

The debate about the benefits of Kangen Water is ongoing. While many users, including celebrities and health enthusiasts, swear by its positive effects, scientific consensus on its benefits remains mixed. Some studies suggest that alkaline water can aid in hydration and acid-neutralization, but others argue that the body is well-equipped to balance its pH without such aids.

Regardless of scientific debates, the personal testimonials from high-energy individuals like Trump and Sanders provide intriguing anecdotal evidence. Their shared consumption of Kangen Water, despite their vast political differences, highlights a common belief in seeking alternative health practices to maintain their demanding lifestyles.

In conclusion, the energy levels of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, contrasted with Joe Biden’s, have sparked discussions about the potential benefits of Kangen Water. While Trump’s ownership of seven Kangen machines and Sanders' use of the water hint at a shared secret to their vitality, it remains an individual choice whether one believes in its efficacy. As with many health trends, the impact of Kangen Water may vary from person to person, leaving room for personal experimentation and observation.

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