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Stage 3 Lung Cancer...Cancer Free After 19 Months Using Kangen Water and Organic Diet!

By Travis Young

I recently received the incredible news that I am cancer-free from stage 3 lung cancer. This journey has been a testament to the power of alternative medicine, and I owe my recovery to two key elements: the unwavering support and expertise of Mike Lancaster, a naturopath doctor in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and the healing properties of Kangen water.

When I was first diagnosed, the thought of undergoing traditional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy was daunting. While these methods are widely used and have their benefits, they often come with severe side effects, particularly the risk of significantly weakening the immune system. I knew I wanted to explore natural alternatives that would allow me to maintain my immune strength and overall well-being.

It was then that I discovered Mike Lancaster, a renowned naturopath in Gulf Shores. Mike's holistic approach to healing immediately resonated with me. He emphasized the importance of nurturing the body's natural defenses and using non-invasive treatments to combat cancer. With his guidance, I embarked on a journey of natural healing that would change my life.

One of the first and most impactful recommendations from Mike was to start drinking Kangen water. Kangen water is alkaline water that is said to help balance the body's pH levels, improve hydration, and promote overall health. Skeptical but hopeful, I began drinking Kangen water regularly. To my amazement, I felt a noticeable difference in my energy levels and overall well-being within just a week. The water seemed to rejuvenate me, providing a sense of vitality that I hadn't felt in a long time.

In addition to Kangen water, Mike put me on a regimen of herbs, vitamins, and medicinal mushrooms. These natural supplements were carefully chosen to support my immune system and aid in my body's fight against cancer. I took these supplements faithfully, trusting in Mike's expertise and the power of nature's remedies. The combination of these treatments worked synergistically, fostering an environment in my body that was conducive to healing.

Throughout this journey, Mike's support was unwavering. His dedication to my health and his belief in the power of natural medicine kept me motivated and optimistic. He monitored my progress closely, adjusting my treatment plan as needed and offering encouragement every step of the way. His holistic approach not only targeted the cancer but also addressed my overall well-being, ensuring that I was strong both physically and mentally.

Today, I am overjoyed and deeply grateful to share that I am cancer-free. This victory is not just a testament to my resilience but also a testament to the power of natural medicine and the profound impact of dedicated healers like Mike Lancaster. I owe my life to this miracle worker and the transformative properties of Kangen water.

As I move forward, I am committed to maintaining the principles of natural health that have brought me to this point. My journey has taught me the importance of listening to my body, seeking alternative treatments, and believing in the possibility of healing outside traditional methods. I hope my story can inspire others facing similar battles to explore all their options and find the path that resonates with them.

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