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Kangen Water And The China Virus

All we hear about is the China Virus and Vaccinations. So many people ask us if they should take the vaccination. Actually, it IS NOT A VACCINATION, but a deadly poison that will alter your DNA. It will not keep you from getting the virus, in fact it will destroy your immune system. This is all political.

Kangen's 9.5 has more antioxidants than 5 pounds of fresh blueberries and will build your immunity. We suggest to take 25mg zinc daily with 400 iu vitamin E with the water, and if you do this you should not get any of these viruses.

The China Virus IS NOT A VIRUS AT ALL but a 2 headed parasite and this is why Ivermectin kills it on contact. Kangen's 2.5 acid water has been known to kill this parasite as well. We have had several people drink 16 oz of the 2.5 and have immediately got over the China Virus. Although Enagic does not recommend drinking the 2.5, however several doctors and individuals have reported this to us.

Whatever happens, we can help you. Be healthy, Be happy, and be free.

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