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Real Water, Inc. of Mesa, AZ and Henderson, NV, has issued a voluntary recall of all sizes of its Real Water brand drinking water, because it may be linked to certain instances of non-viral hepatitis which were reported in or about November, 2020 in the Las Vegas, NV area.

Symptoms of all types of hepatitis, including non-viral hepatitis, are similar and can include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, clay or gray-colored bowel movements, joint pain, yellow eyes, and jaundice. Those experiencing these symptoms should contact their doctor.

Recalled products include 1.5 liters, 1 liter, 500 ml and 1 gallon ready-to-drink bottles that were distributed throughout the United States by UNFI and KEHE to the natural channel of stores, as well as through direct distribution to various retail stores on a regional basis in the greater Las Vegas, NV area, Northern Arizona, Southern California, Tennessee, Georgia, Chicago, New York, Mississippi, and New Mexico. Real Water is also sold on In addition, 5-gallon home and office delivery bottles were distributed through direct delivery to homes and offices in the greater Las Vegas, NV area, central California coastal region (North of Los Angeles, CA and South from Santa Barbara, CA), and Phoenix, AZ. Also included in the recall are the 4 oz bottles of Real Water Concentrate, sold on the Firm’s website.

The ready-to-drink bottles sold in retail stores have a blue rectangular bottle with “Real Alkalized Water” printed on the label. 5-Gallon home and office delivery bottles are blue with white labels.

Distributors have been notified of the recall and instructed to immediately remove recalled products from all store shelves, distribution, and other inventories to ensure they are no longer available for sale or consumption. Home and office delivery customers have also been instructed how to have products picked up.

The recall is the result of an investigation by the Southern Nevada Health District and the FDA after reported cases of non-viral hepatitis in or about November 2020 were suspected to be potentially linked to Real Water’s 5-gallon Home and Office Delivery. Real Water takes customer safety seriously and promptly issued this recall on March 17, 2021 after being notified of the investigation. The company has ceased production and distribution of the product as the FDA and the company continue their investigations into the potential cause of the problem.

Consumers who may have recalled products should discard it immediately and not drink it. Customers of Real Water’s 5-gallon Home and Office Delivery should contact Real Water at the number or email below to have any remaining product picked up. Consumers who have purchased Real Water ready-to-drink bottles may return it to the place of purchase for refund. Consumers with questions, or to obtain a refund, may contact the company at 1-702-310-5437 on Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time or by email at

What is Real Water?

Real Water is purified water that has a special treatment at the end of the purification process called E² Technology. E² stands for Electron Energized and that is what the E² Technology does, it adds electrons to the water through electrical restructuring. In addition to being alkalized with minerals, the E² Technology increases the absorption of the water for maximum hydration. The negative ionization can be measured in millivolts (mV) by an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter.

Why is the E² Technology So Special?

Japanese researchers have been making alkalized and negative ionized water for about 30 years. Presently, there are well over 100 hospitals in Japan that uses Kangen water Ionizer units producing multiple types of ionized water. These different types of ionized water are used for sterilizing their surgical utensils and to treat a variety of internal health issues successfully. The Japanese have also been producing water ionizers for the home and have documented the many health benefits of ionized water. A simple internet search will provide extensive research and studies of the results. Their researchers believe that alkalized and negative ionized water is an integral part of their preventative health care and maintenance, but unlike water processed by the Japanese machines, Real Water® is stable! Most ionized produced waters will lose their negative ionization benefits within just two days. The E² Technology allows Real Water to maintain its properties long-term so that it can be bottled and sold in stores. The water will remain alkaline because REAL WATER uses baking soda to alkalize the water, and this could be the reason for all of the health issues.

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