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CBD and Kangen Water Is The Perfect Marriage

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

The CBD and Cannabis industry is quickly becoming the new life style for millions of people. Most of these people are health conscience and buy organic and carry their own bottled water. Most purchase their water from grocery stores and unbeknownst to most people this water is extremely toxic to the body. All bottled water is either reverse osmosis which has no minerals at all and all purchased water is highly acidic.

Kangen Water is hydrogenated water which means the water particles are the smallest in the world and can be absorbed by the body thus hydrating the body. It can eliminate arthritis, bursitis, pain, and inflammation.

When someone drinks a glass of Kangen, it immediately hydrants the body and allows the herbs and CBD to enter the body’s cell much faster thus giving the person immediate results. You see the water has an ORP of negative 800 while the CBD has an average of plus 300 ORP so the two attract each other and you will feel immediate results.

CBD stores on the west coast have already experienced the results and give free gallons of water away to their customers so they can get good results with the CBD.

But why would they give the water away? Simple, this is hydrogen water and is only active for 2 days. So the customer must bring their jug back to the store and get more water every other day, which create more foot traffic for the store.

Once they experience the water and attend some classes on the water and CBD they quickly find out that this is the water they need to be drinking on a daily basis and will eventually purchase a water machine from the store.

There are CBD stores making more money on the water machines than they are on the CBD. They love it.

The Free Water and CBD stores in Colorado sells an average of 10 machines per month netting over $1500 per machine, they have over 30 stores!

Kangen Water has been on the West Coast since 2003 and is just now coming to Middle America. If you sell CBD you need to get is on this boom.

Stop in at Coastal Cryo and CBD to get free water

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