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Thank You for coming to my site.  
Back in the 60's I was a Merry Prankster, I was on the Further bus in 1964 and that's the reason for the name of the website!
My story is a long one, Poster Artist, Used Car Dealer, and I have helped people with their health for nearly 60 years.
I studied under Solomin Wickey who healed people of Cancer.
The most important thing I learned is that our bodies are 75% water and water IS the most important aspect for healing.
When I found this Structured Water, I was amazed and knew immeadately  this water was from God.
This is the reason I bought my machine 6 years ago.  My diet consists of strawberries, 
and fresh veggies from the farmer market and I couldn't stand the fact of putting these awful pesticides into my body.  They all lead to cancer and death.
I also had 3 bad discs all my life and for 50 years it was a terrible experience getting out of bed every morning.  After 4 weeks drinking this restructured water I had no problem at all in the mornings. 
When I went to my Chiropractor he took an
x ray and compared it with an x ray he took 2 years earlier and couldn't beleve what he saw.  He said that this water actually was hydrating me and he wanted 2 of these miracle machines for his home and office.
This told me that I had a winner and that i could help people alot more.  
I have seen this water help get diabetics get diabetes free within 6 weeks! Cancer patients....Cancer free within 6 months. 
There are several ways to restructure water, however I believe I have the most cost effective method. 

RESTRUCTURED Water is completely different from your tap water or bottled water. IT'S GOD'S WATER water from the mountains going through streams picking up needed minerals and separating the water from the hydrogen.  It's the hydrogen that heals you! Hydrogen takes the water directly into your cells thus hydrating you. 
If you take supplements with normal water, you are flushing 80% of the supplement down the toilet. With the restructured water you retain 80% of the supplement!

The world's most eco-friendly water system. Say goodbye to tap water's chlorine, fluoride, and all of the other harmful chemicals that leach into plastic bottled water. Why pay for bottled water when you can RESTRUCTURE your own and save hundreds a year? Now you can have RESTRUCTURED water for less than two cents a gallon in the comfort of your own home, all while saving the environment from more harmful plastic waste.

What Does The Water SYSTEM Remove?

Your water will be clear of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and other harmful chemicals, while maintaining all the beneficial minerals that your body needs. The unit attaches to you faucet and can be installed in 2 min.  I can walk you through the installation process.  The units platinum plates needs to be cleaned every few months and thats just a simple "push the button" to begin cleaning, the unit does all the work!

Our water systems are far superior to other filtration systems because they remove:
Bacteria (like E. Coli)

Heavy Metals
Trihalomethane (THMs)
Petroleum Contaminants
Bisphenol-A (BPA)
Perfluorochemicals (PFOAS)
Herbicides & Pesticides


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Living Waters are hydrogen rich
and is the foundation of health
and a necessity not a luxury.

You deserve the best
glass and water delivery
with no

Unparalleled quality, friendly
customer service, and preserved 
in chilled reusable glass.

For every month you use our service, you save our planet from
200 plastic bottles that find their 
way in our oceans.

Through the earth's infinite 
wisdom Living Water is created in its perfect form.
It's our intention and great honor
to enable direct access,
protection and restoration.

Unparalleled Freshness
Our water goes directly into
triple washed jugs, 
affording you Hydrogen rich
9.5 PH Alkaline water.

Call today to schedule 
your delivery.


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