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Man Takes Surprise LSD Trip From The 60's

Donald Davis, (Skeeter) dropped acid for the last time in 1971, and in December 2019 took a "surprise" trip for nearly 12 hours from the acid left in his body nearly 50 years.

Don had been living the simple life for nearly 50 years, doing moonshine and tie dye t-shirts. When Don turned 75, arthritis kicked in and his back began to hurt. He went to several naturopathic doctors when one suggested that he begin to drink Kangen Water.

Don took a gallon home with him and drank 3 glasses of Kangen. Just minutes after drinking the Molecular Hydrogenated Water he began a LSD trip.

What happens when you drink the water, the water molecules are so small that they hydrate you body's cells pulling out all the impurities detoxifying the body. There is nothing more powerful for detoxifying than Kangen Water as Don learned very quickly.

"It was a Wonderfull experience and took me back to the days of peace." "When the doctor told me what happened, I couldn't believe it and bought a machine on the spot!"

Now Donald is getting his arthritis taken care of and by utilizing CBD with the water, he has no more back pain.

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